Sales Enablement's Guide to a Successful 2023 SKO [Virtual Event]

Jonathan Gandolf

January 4, 2023

Sales Enablement's Guide to a Successful 2023 SKO [Virtual Event]

The ball has dropped, the confetting has fallen, and the inbox is stuffed. 

We all know what that means…it’s SKO season for all who celebrate. 

As we return to work, we’re getting caught up on what we missed and for sales teams everywhere, it’s time to plan your annual Sales Kick-Off. This “tradition” is one that is almost as familiar as the holidays. We gather the team in a ballroom, hand out fresh swag, talk through new processes, share big goals, and plan for how we’re going to achieve them. 

Like all other traditions, it has been drastically changed in the last couple of years. 

SKOs have gone remote, the economy has impacted teams, goals have changed, but the opportunity remains the same—gather, align, and rally the team. 

We’re here to help. (checkout helpful SKO content on The Juice!

More than great content, we’re gathering several of the best sales enablement teams we know for a virtual event on Tuesday, January 24th. 

Sales Enablement’s Guide to a Successful 2023 SKO

As we head into SKO season, we’ll be hosting a conversation with our friends from Guru, Spiff, and Keap to learn how they plan their annual “Super Bowl.” We’ll discuss topics like: 

Learn from these experts:

And, of course, we’ll leave plenty of time for an open Q&A. 

There’s no doubt it’s been a turbulent year for sales teams. That makes this year’s annual kick-off even more critical. While the economy changed plans amidst 2022, the new year presents an opportunity for all teams to align around the challenge in front of us. 

This is sales enablement’s opportunity to prepare their team to build momentum and grow through challenging times. How are you planning to empower your team?  

We welcome all Sales, Sales Enablement, Sales Operations, and Rev Ops pals who want to learn and discuss how you can prepare your sales superstars.

We know the SKO also extends to marketing, leadership, and product teams. If you’re involved in your SKO, you won’t want to miss this free event. 🧃

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