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Prioritizing Content in your Competitive Intelligence: How The Juice built a unique solution to support CaliberMind’s Marketing and Sales teams

Kat Locascio

April 6, 2022

Prioritizing Content in your Competitive Intelligence: How The Juice built a unique solution to support CaliberMind’s Marketing and Sales teams

Content Marketing is a noisy space. And it’s only getting noisier. When the world went virtual, Content was a channel that marketing teams relied on, and increasingly invested into. Now, marketers are re-investing into a channel that is growing faster than ever before:  

The ability to create content has surpassed brands' ability to effectively distribute and discover content both externally and internally.  As marketers, we know our most important audience is our own team. Too often, marketers struggle to share content with and capture the attention of their peers.

The Juice, a B2B Content Distribution platform, worked with CaliberMind, a B2B Customer Data Platform for Revenue teams, and recognized their team could benefit from having all relevant content in one place including their articles, playbooks, and Revenue Marketing Report podcast. 

The Juice created a solution to support CaliberMind’s sales and marketing teams. This solution, called Content Concierge, understands what internal sales and marketing teams are looking for in their own company content, as well as, competitor and industry content to cut through the noise. 

The Juice increases the visibility of content being created internally and allows for assessment of competitor content, as well as, getting the top industry trends without having to use Google and spend time digging through at least a dozen websites. 

CaliberMind employees are introduced to powerful internal content to be used in their role, understanding competitors' messaging and being educated within their industry. These curated selections support CaliberMinds’'s go-to-market strategy without having to take any time away from the sales or marketing team. 

"In a startup, we all wear many hats and are always on the run. Having one place to keep up on competitive content and see the latest trends in the market helps the marketing team stay informed. The added bonus is that our sales department can easily offer value to their prospects by forwarding content they care about,"  - Camela Thompson, Vice President of Marketing at CaliberMind.

How can you increase and improve your team’s consumption of content

  1. Claim your brand page on The Juice and share it with your team
  2. Inquire about The Juice and our Content Concierge

Take your content to a new audience.  Stop wasting dollars on iffy syndication platforms and lackluster campaigns. With an audience of engaged sales and marketing professionals, The Juice puts your content in front of the people who matter most to your business. Book a demo today.  

Do you want to learn more from Camela? Follow her Creator Page on The Juice.

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