Previewing The People-First Advantage [Part 1]

Jonathan Gandolf

March 25, 2024

Previewing The People-First Advantage [Part 1]

(This is a collaboration with TACK and ClubPF. Part Slack community and part resource hub, ClubPF is a group of 280+ forward-thinkers who have noticed that the old playbooks B2B companies use to take their products to market are broken. Join the community here.)

Content Marketing has become too transactional and generic. 

“Create content that converts” has become a mantra of the masses. 

Here’s the problem: great content doesn’t convert. We have the data to prove it. 

In our most recent trends report, The State of Gated vs. Ungated Content, we analyzed over 300,000 pieces of content. Through this analysis and our ability to integrate with customers’ CRM, we found that the average time between a content touch point and a conversion (a deal going closed won or closed lost) is … 162 days. 

Even more, during those 162 days, the average number of pieces of content any one contact engages with is 2.2. 

Content doesn’t convert. Your team, your product, or your process converts. 

Great content educates and or entertains. It builds a relationship with your audience. It builds trust. Great content connects.

Your brand will have a head start when buyers are ready to engage. 

That’s why I get so excited when I see content built for this purpose—to educate and to entertain. 

The People-First Advantage by the TACK team is a perfect example of this. To read the full eBook and get access to all of the insights, join ClubPF.

It includes 175 insights, lessons, and reflections on creating better customer experiences and driving growth with people-first GTM. 

I was fortunate to dig into Mark Kilens’ insights and preview two relevant chapters to what we’re building at The Juice. I’ve shared the first of two previews below, but whether you’re a leader, growing into leadership, or just want to lean into the people-first movement, check out the entire eBook for insights that will educate and entertain. 

[Chapter 3] Content as Catalyst: The Engine of Engagement 

I’ve often said that content is the oxygen for Marketing. Everything requires it. Everything. Even things that aren’t traditionally called content marketing require content. It was awesome to see the TACK team address Content as Catalyst. 

Below are three takeaways from Chapter 3: 

1. “Content marketing is on the cusp of a radical shift.”

You don’t have to read far to get this insight—it’s literally the first sentence. It’s further proof what nearly all marketers are feeling and seeing. The introduction of GenerativeAI and the changing content consumption behaviors of our audience are the perfect ingredients for a major shift in traditional content marketing. The TACK Team goes on to outline 8 ways you can prepare for this shift. Number 7 is my personal favorite: Create more original research. We are constantly trying to do this with data from our platform at The Juice. But the last sentence of this section is also a killer: a great content portfolio is like a great investment portfolio—they’re both diverse. 

2. “Authors. They matter—a lot.”

I loved this insight, not necessarily because it’s revolutionary, but because it’s weaved throughout the entire chapter. Using AI transcripts from conversations to create content? The people matter. Using creators for LinkedIn posts? The creators matter. Creating customer content? Feature the humans using the product, not just the brands. Don’t forget that B2B is human. People don’t want to buy from brands, they want to buy from people. Consider the people behind your content, they’re a gateway for your brand. 

3. “Why not build a podcast for your customers?”

Sneaky cool advice here. Admittedly, I haven’t been a huge fan of podcasts in previous career stops. “Where’s the attribution?” “How do we measure it?” “What does good look like?” 

I’m an idiot. 

Fortunately, we leaned into podcasting before our product was even live at The Juice. And after three years, I would recommend podcasting to any marketer. Not because of the results. If you get tangible results, that’s great. But it becomes an incredible forcing function for you to have conversations with your market, your prospects, and your customers. Hit record. 

This is just the first of two chapters we will be previewing. And there are 10 chapters chalked full of insights, templates, and tactical takeaways. 

It educates and entertains. It’s great content. Check it out for yourself at the link below. 

The People-First Advantage and join ClubPF here.

Check back later this week as we’ll preview another chapter, "The Modern Marketer: GTM Reimagined."

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