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On the MOVE: What We've Learned from the 4-question Go-To-Market Framework

Jonathan Gandolf

September 29, 2021

On the MOVE: What We've Learned from the 4-question Go-To-Market Framework

Last week, at an event (yes, an in-person event!) my name tag listed my role as “Entrepreneur.” 

This was very strange to me. While this is the second time in my career I’ve been a member of the founding team, I still pause when I see “Entrepreneur” attached to my name. 

I love entrepreneurship. But me? An entrepreneur? I don’t know. 

To me, there are two things that are more exciting than being called an “entrepreneur.”

That’s solving real problems real fast, and working with really talented people on those problems. 

This is exactly what draws me to being a “problem solver” while working in entrepreneurship environments. 

At The Juice, we’re solving problems for content marketers that lack access to the right audience, have criminally under-resourced content distribution plans, and are trying to find the right balance between quality and quantity. 

And we’re working with incredible people on these challenges. 

One of these people is Sangram Vajre, Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist at Terminus. Or, you may know him as one of your favorite authors. He just launched his third book, “MOVE: The 4-question Go-to-Market Framework.

In the recent weeks, our team has been hard at work solving one of the most common early-stage problems -- evolving our own go-to-market framework. Everything from pricing, packaging, positioning, and messaging. That’s the fun of this stage -- experimenting and pivoting quickly with incredible people. 

The timing of this book release has inspired us to think differently about how we build our own GTM strategy. And fortunately, our platform is helping us gather the resources to help us achieve this.

One of The Juice’s newest features is the ability for brands to create playlists. Just as you do on Spotify, brands can create a content playlist from their own content, partners’ content, or any content on The Juice platform. You’re then able to share this playlist as a single link. 

Having drawn inspiration from Sangram’s book, I thought I would create a playlist from Sangram’s work on MOVE to help you think through the 4 Question GTM Framework:

Make Your GTM Strategy Move: A Playlist by The Juice

Below, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite pieces from this playlist:

Launching a new book and the 4-Question Go-to-Market Framework with Sangram Vajre

We were fortunate enough to host Sangram on our 3C Podcast where he talked through the specific tactics of launching a book and building community. Having written three books and created the PEAK Community for emerging CMO’s, have your notepad ready for when Sangram speaks on these topics. 

Why do Great Companies Fail? 

This is the presentation Sangram shared in a High Alpha Speaker Series. My favorite portion of this presentation is thinking and working through the evolution from Problem-Market fit to Product-Market fit to Platform-Market fit. This helped The Juice think through transitioning from problem-market to product-market fit. 

Moving on from a 15 year old marketing strategy

There may not be a better B2B Content team than Terminus. In our series, “B2B Marketing Sucks: Stories from the People Fixing It,” we had the opportunity to learn from two of their team members. See how Brad Beutler and Jillian MacNulty encourage content marketers to throw out the old playbook. 

How to Develop Effective Messaging & Positioning as a Startup (According to the Experts)

If you’re looking to build (or rebuild) your messaging and positioning frameworks, this session with Daniel Incandela, CMO of Terminus and April Dunford, a positioning consultant is a literal masterclass in how to build a messaging house. See the recap here. 

Our team has been inspired by the MOVE-ment with Sangram. This is just a sampling of how we’re thinking about our own GTM strategy. 

Checkout the playlist and purchase the book here. All proceeds are being donated to New Story, an organization dedicated to ending homelessness.

If you enjoy what we are doing we’d love for you to do a couple things:

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