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New 3C Podcast Episode: This is What We Did to Name Our Company

Brett McGrath

July 13, 2021

New 3C Podcast Episode: This is What We Did to Name Our Company

Happy Monday. 

We are bookending your week, every week with a couple of podcast episodes that we hope you learn something from.

These are conversations to help marketers, sales people, leaders of startup companies, SaaS veterans, or anyone else that has a desire to create better content experiences for their future customers.

We’ll be referring to the show as The 3C Podcast when we speak to people and in copy. It’s easier that way, but the full name of the show is Curating Content Creators. 

Friday’s show will be a conversation with a guest from the B2B content marketing space. We want to share stories about how these marketers are using their content to connect with their audience. We kicked these conversations off with a lot of energy when I hosted Liz Prugh, VP of Marketing at Base last week.

Every Monday I’ll be having an honest conversation with our CEO, Jonathan Gandolf about what we are working on. 

We think it's important because a lot of people in our community are facing similar challenges and one of our most important ingredients for success is “authenticity above all else” 💯

We want you to understand who we are and why we wake up every day going to war with absolutely terrible B2B content experiences.

Here’s what we discuss in today’s conversation:

If you enjoy what we are doing we’d love for you to do a couple things:

Hope you enjoy this episode and have a great start to your week 💯.

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