New 3C Podcast Episode: The Current State of Events in B2B Marketing and Where We’re Going

Happy Monday.

We are bookending your week, every week with a couple of podcast episodes that we hope can provide insights on how to be a better marketer, sales pro, or operator in your B2B company.

In case that you missed it, we dropped an episode with Sara Pion, Senior Marketing Manager, Customer Engagement at Alyce last Friday. We talked about ditching the marketing playbook that everyone else is running and how to think about personalizing your marketing to fit the needs of your audience.

Today’s episode is a conversation with Jonathan on how we are thinking about the future of digital events in B2B marketing. We don’t have all of the answers, but share some open and candid thoughts that are running through our heads right now. It’s undeniable that we all have spent the last year on digital event overload and we discuss how marketers can think about ways to better design experiences that fit the emerging needs of their audiences. 

Here are some of the topics that we cover in this episode:

  • Webinar fatigue: The burn out from an organizer and consumer perspective 
  • Intention of events: Understanding the why behind the events that we are producing and identifying up front what we are looking to achieve 
  • Volume based metrics: The challenges with monitoring quantity v. quality with event attribution 

We hope that this conversation is helpful for marketers who are focused on growth initiatives and spend a majority of their time experimenting. 

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Hope you enjoy this episode and have a great start to your week 💯.