New 3C Podcast Episode: Talking Growth Marketing with Alaina Thompson

Happy Monday. 

We are bookending your week, every week with a couple of podcast episodes that we hope provide insights on how to be a better marketer, sales pro, or operator in your B2B company.

In case that you missed it, we dropped an episode with Brad and Jillian of the Terminus content marketing team last week. We talked about why they thought a majority of B2B marketing is boring and what they were doing to stand out. I loved the honesty and we will be bringing a whole lot more of that to the Friday conversations.

This Monday’s episode we subbed out Jonathan and tagged in Alaina who does growth marketing for Fathom. She’s launching her first big campaign this week (#MoneyWellSpent) and I wanted to have her on to discuss the ideation, creation, and launch process.

Here’s some topics Alaina covers in the conversation when she’s thinking about growth marketing: 

  • Optimism: The importance of being optimistic in the role of a growth marketing and how you can lean on it to drive results
  • Diversity of Thought: Dedicating time to gathering as much feedback and perspective as possible before launching any campaign
  • Launch: The process she went through in less than a month to launch her first big campaign at Fathom

I really enjoyed the conversation and the opportunity to share it with all of you. We’ll always bring our people on these shows to talk about the work they are doing and hope we can inspire creative thought in your role. 

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Hope you enjoy this episode and have a great start to your week 💯.