New 3C Podcast: Dumpster Fires and Distributing Content the ABM Way with Terminus

I’m a big fan of what Terminus is doing with their marketing.

It doesn’t suck.

I wrote an article, “Lighting Dumpsters on Fire and How to Earn Attention in B2B Marketing” about the Terminus marketing team and knew I had to get them on the show.

Jillian MacNulty plays the role of the “Dumpster Girl” in that spot and has a ton of creative energy towards big content ideas.

Brad Beutler is the Director of Content on the team and has a mind for organization, optimization, and effective content distribution.

I had a ton of fun on this tag team episode of the 3C Podcast. 

You’ll want to listen to this episode if you are looking for: 

  • Ideas on how to make your B2B marketing feel fresh again
  • Insight on how to build process to make your campaign get a reaction
  • More information on how you should be thinking about content distribution

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Hope you enjoy the episode. 💯