New 3C Podcast Episode: Product Led Growth and Building an Audience Through Live Streams with Liz Prugh, VP of Marketing at Base

I’m curating content creators who have passion.

Creators that think outside the box and find new ways to deliver content to the market they serve.

We won’t talk about gaming the system here.

We won’t talk about putting people through our process here.

We are going to share stories about not only giving our customers and future customers great content, but delivering an experience that wants them coming back for more.

More what?

More opportunities to learn from us and the companies we work for.

Liz Prugh was a no brainer for this first conversation with a content marketer.

Liz and I go way back. 

I think we could have put on our nostalgia goggles and talked about building content and supporting enterprise sales people at ExactTarget for the entire episode.

Liz is a bad ass marketer with a content driven passion project called Pure Fandom and she's leading marketing for Base, the only platform built for assistants.

Oh yeah, Base is another company out of the B2B Venture Studio High Alpha.

I chose Liz to be the first content marketer on the 3C Podcast for these 3 reasons:

  • She hustles hard: She went from being a bartender at P.F. Chang’s out of college to landing a spot in a rocket ship to leading a marketing team at Base
  • She’s got a passion project that keeps her sharp...and it involves supernatural drama
  • She doesn’t think like most B2B marketers and that’s a really great thing

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Hope you enjoy the episode. 💯