Moving on from a 15 year old marketing strategy

Brett McGrath

July 28, 2021

Moving on from a 15 year old marketing strategy

Brad and Jillian were two of the first people that I connected with when I joined The Juice. They are premium content marketers and spend their time thinking about how they can push the Terminus brand forward through their work. Did you see their dumpster fire video? 'Nuff said. I learned a ton about their mindset when we recorded an episode of the 3C Podcast with them earlier this year. When the conversation was over with I asked them a couple questions: 1. Why does B2B marketing suck? 2. How are you working towards making it better? The following post was the result.

Moving on from a 15 year old marketing strategy

Brad Beutler, Content Marketing Director

Jillian MacNulty, Content Marketing Manager

Marketing automation and “digital lead capture” hit the mainstream 15 years ago. Think about that..15 years ago?! I can’t speak for all teams, but I know at least a few are still operating with this same general strategy. Form fills, lead captures, measuring lead generation as a main KPI, etc. We’re over it. As consumers of content, as buyers ourselves, and as marketers, we’re all realizing it’s time to move on. 

Buyers today are smarter than ever. They want to research on their own, be educated on what’s most important to them, and not be treated like just another cell in a spreadsheet or contact field in a CRM. So it’s now our job to provide all of the resources they need to make an informed decision on our product or service and then use it to impress their boss or elevate their career. Another boring PDF eBook hidden behind a form isn’t going to accomplish much in that regard.

We’re constantly challenging the status quo. We’re not viewing B2B marketing as generating leads, but rather generating awareness and interest that leads to qualified revenue opportunities for our sales team. With that comes the importance of your brand, and creating amazing experiences for your buyers and customers. So as the Brand Team of Terminus, we’re asking ourselves:

Then we go and do it. We call our shots and execute in a way that’s fast, yet thoughtful. We support each other as a team, review each other’s work, and call each other out to ultimately make everything we create better. No egos, just productivity...which ultimately leads to genuine fun. Seriously, our team has a blast. It’s like one big party sometimes but we’re getting shit done at the same time. Terminus’ CMO, Daniel Incandela, says it best with his go-to line. “Marketing should be fun. And if it’s not, then something is wrong.”

If you enjoy what we are doing we’d love for you to do a couple things:

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