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Modern Day Marketer: Why B2B Companies Should Consider and Measure OOH Advertising

Jonathan Gandolf

February 14, 2024

Modern Day Marketer: Why B2B Companies Should Consider and Measure OOH Advertising

It’s a new host and a fresh episode of Modern Day Marketer! 

What’s old is new. Today, we’re geeking out over out-of-home (OOH) advertising. In a digital world, many marketers are desperately trying to find ways to stand out from the noise. A digital detox, if you will. Personally, I was very excited to talk to Greg Wise, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer at OneScreen.ai about the new era of B2B OOH Advertising.

OneScreen helps marketers select, purchase, and measure out-of-home advertising. 

In a past life, I worked in the B2C world and enjoyed the billboard-buying process. It was close to a video game. You get to look at a map, see the available inventory, and imagine what type of traffic will be driving by. 

You make your pick, and then you get to dream up the creative for the billboard. You’re basically a cigarette and long stare out the window away from being Don Draper. 

The results? I don’t know. I mean, they would tell us about the impressions—thousands, hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions. 

Did they help? Probably. Will we ever know? Likely not. 

The creativity and fun in OOH advertising haven’t changed. The ability to properly measure your advertising efforts has. 

Greg and I talk about it all in the most recent episode of Modern Day Marketer: 

0:00 Introducing Greg and One Screen AI

3:38 Measuring out-of-home advertising

10:16 9 Priorities for the Modern B2B Marketer in 2024

14:50 HubSpot’s playbook

19:13 Testing channels, future of B2B marketing

Show Notes: 

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