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Modern Day Marketer: We’re Launching a New Event Series on Content Distribution 

Brett McGrath

March 27, 2023

Modern Day Marketer: We’re Launching a New Event Series on Content Distribution 

"Start up ideas are easily copied. Distribution is not."

These 9 words served as my pattern interrupt from an endless amount of scrolling while I was waiting for the next Zoom meeting to fire up.

I love these sorts of interruptions. The ideas that get me to stop everything and think. These words stayed with me for the rest of the day and ended up thinking about it again the next morning.

That's when I knew I had to reach out to the creator to understand what exactly he means and what more I can learn from it.

Blake Emal seems to be everywhere I turn. He's an expert creator who has a deep passion for content distribution and the process.

I shot him a DM and told him I wanted to unpack his post. We recorded an episode and I was left with a notebook full of ideas to consider in my distribution process.


I ended my week by participating in Pepper Content’s Elevate conference. I shared the digital stage with Michaela Rollings, Head of Brand and Content at Hive. The topic was, “Maximizing Content Marketing ROI with Generative AI” and I really enjoyed the discussion. I thought it might be interesting to share my process for preparation and that’s what we are doing on today’s episode.

I share a peak behind the curtain at some of the exciting past, present, and future collaborations at The Juice. A couple weeks ago, The Juice launched “Smarter Distribution for Brands,” a new way to distribute your content with no additional work. Coming up on April 6, The Juice is starting a new series called “Content Distribution Live.” We’re not publicly promoting it until Wednesday of this week, but if you want to get signed up before everyone else you might be able to find more details here

In this episode we cover: 

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