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Modern Day Marketer: Overcoming the Commodification of Content in B2B with Ryan Law of Animalz

Brett McGrath

August 5, 2022

Modern Day Marketer: Overcoming the Commodification of Content in B2B with Ryan Law of Animalz

We are bookending your week, every week with a couple of podcast episodes that we hope can provide insights on how to be a better marketer, sales pro, or operator in your B2B company.

We are coming off the Intent Signals launch from last week and it had me thinking.  After the initial launch day push settled I started taking notes. 

🧃I reflected on the internal and external communication strategy 

🧃I thought about how we made customers a part of our launch

🧃I focused on all of the things we did behind the scenes that aren’t scalable, but helped us launch with intention

I realized there might be other marketers who could benefit from understanding how the sausage is made during our launches at The Juice so I grabbed the mic and hit record. 

I dropped the episode this week about how we think about the launch team process at The Juice.  It just takes one new perspective to level up how you think about your launch process.

We’ve all shared the same experience searching for helpful content on Google. 

We search and we are served a bunch of results of skyscraper blog posts that all look like the same thing. Is this content really helping or just wasting all of our time? 

The conversation has started on ways that we can combat the commodification of content. We need to think less about chasing traffic and think more about creating higher quality connections through our work. 

Ryan Law, VP of Content at Animalz is one of my favorite creators and minds in the content marketing community. He argues that in order to stand out in the flooded sea of internet content, marketers need to focus less on SEO and focus more on experimenting and personalization. 

In this episode we cover: 

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