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Modern Day Marketer: Know your hand-raisers when marketing to your users or audience 

Brett McGrath

Jun 7, 2022

Modern Day Marketer: Know your hand-raisers when marketing to your users or audience 

We are bookending your week, every week with a couple of podcast episodes that we hope can provide insights on how to be a better marketer, sales pro, or operator in your B2B company.

Last week we shared an episode with Michael Ashford about the power of asking the right questions in marketing. I left this conversation thinking more critically about how I am communicating with the market and how making a habit around having a follow up question can unlock better insight in your work. 

We’ve been enjoying digging into The Juice to find articles that help us address current problems that we are working through as a business. Last week I was searching for content around user communication when I was led to an article by former guest of the podcast and Head of Content at Clearbit, Janet Choi called, “Know your hand-raisers: why marketing to your user base isn’t working any more”. I read this article several times, took notes, and then messaged Jonathan and told him we needed to record an episode about it. This is a problem that we all have gone through as a marketer and don’t think it is brought up enough. I love how Janet and  Clearbit are thinking about this topic and hope you can learn something like we did. 

In this episode we cover: 

If you enjoy what we are doing we’d love for you to do some things:

Hope you enjoy this episode and have a great start to your week. 🧃

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