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Modern Day Marketer: How to Run a Media-Led Growth Strategy with Rachel Downey of Share Your Genius

January 5, 2024

Modern Day Marketer: How to Run a Media-Led Growth Strategy with Rachel Downey of Share Your Genius

Welcome back to Modern Day Marketer in 2024!  Today, we're exploring how to build and develop a media-led growth strategy with Rachel Downey, CEO and Founder of Share Your Genius. Rachel shares how to consider your primary objectives when creating your growth strategy and discusses the power of involving the community.

Setting the Stage for Growth

To start off, Rachel discusses the importance of starting the year strong and hitting the ground running in 2024. She emphasizes the need for a media-led growth strategy, which involves using content to further relationships and achieve specific objectives. Rachel shares her experience of collaborating and partnering with like-minded marketers to extend and develop the Share Your Genius brand.

Understanding Media-Led Growth

Rachel dives into the concept of media-led growth and how it differs from content-led growth. She discusses the importance of incorporating other individuals and brands in your strategy to maximize reach and engagement. Rachel highlights the power of partnerships and collaborations for distribution, emphasizing the need to leverage channels beyond your own brand.

Media-Led Growth for Driving Revenue

In this section, we explore how to use media assets to drive sales conversations. We discuss the idea of inviting prospects and salespeople as guests on podcasts to build relationships and capture objections. Rachel suggests involving the sales team in the content creation process and even allocating personal development dollars for them to create their own content. By aligning the media-led strategy with revenue goals, businesses can focus on driving demand and securing revenue.

Media-Led Growth for Building Brand

Next, we shift their focus to using media-led strategies for building brand. We highlight the power of podcasts as both a channel and content, allowing businesses to create attention-grabbing content and reach their target audience. Rachel emphasizes the importance of measuring reach, engagement, and conversions to evaluate the success of brand building efforts. She also addresses the role of downloads as a metric and how it should be considered in the context of overall brand growth.

Scaling a Media-Led Growth Strategy

Scaling a media-led growth strategy is crucial for long-term success. We discuss the importance of thinking about scalability in a maturity model. We emphasize the need to establish workflows and incorporate other team members as voices of the brand. Rachel suggests running thought leadership workshops with subject matter experts (SMEs) to define content pillars and keywords. By scaling creative output and time management, businesses can effectively grow their media-led strategy.


In conclusion, Rachel highlights the power of a media-led growth strategy in building brand and driving demand. She emphasizes the need to embrace the mindset that it's never just a podcast, but rather a channel and content that can fuel a company's growth. By leveraging partnerships, scaling the strategy, and measuring success based on business objectives, businesses can unlock the full potential of media-led growth. So, are you ready to develop your own media-led growth strategy and take your business to new heights? The time is now!

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