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Modern Day Marketer: Avoiding Bottlenecks with Product Launches with Karthik Suresh of Ignition  

Brett McGrath

November 30, 2022

Modern Day Marketer: Avoiding Bottlenecks with Product Launches with Karthik Suresh of Ignition  

We are bookending your week, every week with a couple of podcast episodes that we hope can provide insights on how to be a better marketer, sales pro, or operator in your B2B company.

December is always full of marketing excuses. I’ve been guilty of it. 

We don’t start that new campaign for fear that our entire audience is out of office. 

We don’t support sales because we don’t want to “bother” them when they are trying to close out the quarter. 

We push editorial ideas and new content to next year because it’s just easier that way. 

We get an estimate of our budget for next year, but only go through the motions of where we want to place our bets. 

Unless you are strapped to a rocket ship right now and enjoying the views the last 6 months have been a challenge so why wait? 

Many of us are operating with less budget, people, and resources than ever before. 

Reinvesting in the same stuff likely won’t cut it. 

December is our opportunity to plan big swings that can help you run laps around the base paths in 2023. 

No excuse December kicks off in a couple of days. 

Earlier this week we dropped an episode to share how we are thinking about maximizing December at The Juice. 

Think about all of the product launches that you’ve been a part of in your career.

Reflect on what made certain launches good and others not so much. 

There’s always an opportunity to improve communication, alignment, and goal setting across functions. Sometimes it just takes a reminder or two before we dive head first into our next launch. 

Today’s episode is all about product launches and how we can think about improving all of those inevitable bottlenecks that we face along the way. 

Karthik Suresh is the Co-Founder of Ignition, a collaborative hub to plan, execute, and measure the goto-market side of product launches. He spent several years working at Facebook and helped launch several products, including Oculus. Karthik shares common bottlenecks that arise during product launches and offers advice to prevent them. 


In this episode we cover: 

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