Making Your Team Active Participants in Your Content Strategy

Brett McGrath

December 21, 2021

Making Your Team Active Participants in Your Content Strategy

Putting these collaborative content pieces is a full team effort. It's both internal and external coordination that helps brings these pieces to life. Kat Locascio manages all of the relationships with our customers and when I talked to about this project she brought up Ben Oliveri at Inxeption. I was thrilled by the piece that Ben delivered as it spoke to the importance of not being a lone wolf with your content strategy and design. You can follow Ben on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Making Your Team Active Participants in Your Content Strategy

Ben Oliveri

Content Writer & Strategist at Inxeption

My job as a marketer is to deliver value to customers and prospects to build authority, trust, and stronger relationships. And if that’s the goal, five dry How-to guides per week cannot be the metric.

Instead of being tied to volume KPIs, on my team we try to tap into the wisdom and experience of our entire organization to develop valuable content. 

Founders have a vision to share. Leadership has the experience and expertise to build that vision. And colleagues from different departments have the niche skills to bring it all together from the ground up.

Including these people in marketing efforts helps to amplify your message and bring authenticity to your voice. 

Working with founders 

Inxeption is a digital commerce software platform. Part of my job is to build awareness—explain what digital commerce is and how it works, and why it’s important for businesses.

Who better to help explain and deliver this message than the founders who conceptualized and built the original product? 

C-suite leaders can be busy, so we maximize our access by preparing. We pay close attention to the meta-messages and comments that our founder and CEO, Farzad Dibachi, makes in meetings and public statements. We periodically reserve a time window with him where we can ask specific questions to elaborate on what he’s said. 

We put the results of these conversations into a podcast. It’s an efficient use of his time and it provides us with a digital library of his thoughts on industry trends and online commerce. The podcast, Future Proof, has become a hit with customers, investors, and employees. And coming directly from the CEO, the podcast reinforces our marketing objective of authenticity. 

We also tap into the expertise of our co-founder, Mark Moore. Mark is a data genius with patents for various technologies. With 30 years of experience leading engineering teams, he has built numerous cutting-edge solutions to satisfy evolving business and consumer demands. 

By partnering with Mark on a piece about the importance of data in B2B commerce, we came out with an original article informed by his unique data expertise and experience building successful products.      

Working with leadership

Another example is being alert to the experiences and perspectives of internal experts.  

Dugan Baker, our VP of Strategic Accounts, has 20 years of experience helping Nike partners set up digital order and procurement processes. He is a wealth of knowledge on B2B buyer and seller needs and pain points. 

Instead of Googling and scouring entrepreneur forums to understand a business owner’s concerns with digital sales channels, Dugan gave me a dozen examples from his real-world experience in a 45-minute call. This made a recent ecommerce white paper I wrote far more insightful, and hopefully, relatable to readers.  

Working with peers

It makes sense to mine the wisdom and experience of everyone in a company, from founders to functional team leaders, to colleagues in different departments.  

To promote Inxeption’s digital services, we aim to put out informative content around creating successful ecommerce sites, driving traffic, and boosting sales conversions. As it happens, I have colleagues dedicated to doing just that for our customers. 

After a few conversations with our external web design team, I had a strong list of ecommerce UX best practices and faux pas to work into an article. I knew this would be valuable to our audience because our web design team was already troubleshooting these exact issues with customers. 

Build your own abundance

As a Modern Day Marketer, you’ve got access to a lot of information and resources on the internet. But some of the richest sources are right next to you. By leveraging the knowledge and experience of the individuals in your organization, you can create more authentic, valuable content for your audience. 

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