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Level up your content distribution with Creator Pages by The Juice (Join the Waitlist)

Brett McGrath

April 20, 2022

Level up your content distribution with Creator Pages by The Juice (Join the Waitlist)

We launched our Creator Pages beta group almost 2 months ago. 

I wrote about the reasons why we decided to build and launch Creator Pages in this article

The SparkNotes version is we did this because we started to notice 2 undeniable themes in B2B marketing: 

  1. Content distribution was becoming an important trend for modern day marketers and  we wanted to give them a channel that helped better connect their content with the right audience 
  2. The rise of the individual creator was helping brands build and develop trust with their audience 

We wanted to test some of our assumptions by curating a select group of creators, give them access to Creator Pages, and then see what happened. I sent our group some enablement videos, but really wanted to dig in and understand their reaction when they got their hands on the product. 

If you are interested in what went down during the launch process I detailed it here and created a companion piece that we published on our podcast Modern Day Marketer.

Since the beta launch of Creator Pages we’ve received some points of validation from our members. Here’s some stats:

I’ve learned so much from watching this in action. Most importantly, I’ve realized that if you are a B2B brand and you are not giving your creators the runway to be your most important distribution channel then you are missing out on the chance to build trust with your brand. 

We dropped the waitlist today. Are you a fit? 

Do you create content and are looking for a spot to consolidate your work? 

Are you looking for a new distribution channel to get your content in front of the right audience? 

Do you want to gain further insights on the types of brands that are listening to your podcast, reading your articles, or watching your videos? 

If any of these questions got you to think for a second then Creator Pages is probably for you. 

We want to learn from more creators. We want to give you confidence that content that you are pouring your soul into is being seen by not only people, but the right people. 

I want to close by sharing one the most impactful ways that Creator Pages has changed the game for me. It’s become one of my primary distribution channels whenever I publish a new piece of content. 

I drop a new episode of Modern Day Marketer every Monday. The first thing that I do every week is look at my distribution checklist and start prepping my promotion of the new episode for each channel. 

You know the deal, right? It’s crafting the right message for the right channel and promoting the content in a way that will catch someone’s attention enough to check out the content. 

Think about publishing your new podcast episode on LinkedIn.

When you publish it on LinkedIn we have no idea who is actually going to see it.

Furthermore, we have no idea if the people who see our post are actually a good fit to listen to it.

That changes with The Juice and Creator Pages. 

Your followers get notified when your new content drops.

Members of The Juice who don’t follow you can still access your content through search and the matchmaking engine that we are developing. When you distribute your content through The Juice it always has a chance to get in front of the right people. 

It’s as simple as this. I uploaded my new podcast episode on my Creator Page.

I placed it in the featured section of my page so it’s the first piece of content that anyone sees when they come across our page. I’m like all of you. Whatever I just created is the most important piece and the primary focus for my promotion. 

It ends up as a part of your followers email digest in their inbox for them to consume on their own time. 

Creator Pages brings together the rise of the individual creator and the power of content distribution in one platform. I am excited about the opportunity to give more creators like you access. 

We will be rolling out new creators in phases and will keep you up-to-date on how that is going to work.

But first, sign up for the Creator Pages waitlist and see for yourself. 🧃

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