How to Use AI Without Losing Your Brand Voice [Digital Event]

Brett McGrath

May 22, 2023

How to Use AI Without Losing Your Brand Voice [Digital Event]

I got a message from Anirudh Singla, CEO and Co-founder of Pepper Content on March 3 that I’ll never forget. Anirudh is an ambitious entrepreneur in the content marketing industry and I’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with him on a couple content initiatives over the past year. His message was significant to me because it served as a forcing function to finally be a part of the dialogue around generative AI and its impact on content marketing. Anirudh was reaching out to extend the invitation for me to speak on a panel at Marketing & Generative AI Summit - Elevate. The topic was “Maximizing Content Marketing ROI with Generative AI” and I had a couple of weeks to get my thoughts together in a coherent enough manner that other marketers could benefit from my perspective. 

The invitation for Elevate was a catalyst for me. Typically, whenever a new marketing trend emerges my first move is to stand on the digital sidelines and listen to the conversation. When ChatGPT launched in November of last year there were no shortages of opinions on what this means for the future of content marketing. The takes were scorching hot and the division was widening. The more the dialogue took place the more I wanted to maintain my position as a spectator.  It appeared that you were either on “Team AI Fanatic” or “Team AI is Going to Destroy the Content Marketer”. The clock was ticking for me. It was time to consolidate my thoughts and step on the field to play ball. When my session ended and I explored other discussions at Elevate I was left with one big takeaway…

Generative AI is here to stay and it’s time to adapt. 

More recent observations have moved me from spectator to action. Here are some of those nuggets:

🧃3 out of the top 5 most consumed pieces of content on The Juice for April had to do with generative AI (new Slice & Dice episode dropping soon)

🧃Brand partners of The Juice like, Aprimo, and MarketMuse were not only leading the conversation on all things generative AI, but they were building products to help content marketers create more effectively 

🧃The conversation online is transitioning from “should we get started with AI?” to “here are the use cases for how we’re using AI” 

Marketers are searching for answers on how to best use generative AI in their content strategies. We’re actively seeking solutions and trying to find the right technology partner to help show us the way. That’s why we’ve decided to use our platform to facilitate a conversation around generative AI and the impact that this new technology can have on our content strategies. Today, we are excited to announce that The Juice is hosting, “How to Use AI Without Losing Your Brand Voice” on Thursday, June 8 at 1:00 pm est. Joining us will be Hiba Amin, Head of Content at, Felicia Newhouse, VP of Product Marketing at Aprimo, and Elizabeth Irvine, VP of Marketing at MarketMuse. 

The innovation and application of generative AI has sent a tidal wave across the B2B marketing universe. Marketers have been drenched by the hot takes, exhausting narratives, and nonstop debate since its introduction. There's a seismic shift in content marketing with the adoption of AI and many marketers are still trying to identify their position. For some marketers, it means a more efficient content process and for others it serves as a roadblock to authenticity. 

Learning from others seems to be the content therapy we all need

You’ll leave with answers to the following questions. 

🧃How do we find balance between existing content strategies and the use of generative AI?

🧃What do we have to look out for to make sure that we don’t compromise the brand voice that we’ve worked to establish? 

🧃What use cases of generative AI are having the greatest impact on marketers right now? 

If you’re thinking about generative AI, just getting started, or even consider yourself an expert there will be value gained by registering for “How to Use AI Without Losing Your Brand Voice” today. 🧃

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