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How to Align Your Sales and Marketing Team Around Modern Data [Webinar Announcement]

Brett McGrath

August 3, 2022

How to Align Your Sales and Marketing Team Around Modern Data [Webinar Announcement]

It’s so easy to move on to the next big thing after closing the book on a big initiative as marketers. We are ambitious people and have a desire to open a new door for our creative energy when another one closes. 

Last week we launched Intent Signals at The Juice. If you haven’t been following along the short brief on Intent Signals is that it is a data set from your content that helps modern day marketers like you: 

The launch was well-received. We got some notes from brands who were curious to learn more about how they could maximize their use of The Juice. We introduced something into the universe that I had been interested in as a marketer for a long time. I’d say the launch was a success, but should it really be over?

Let me put things into some perspective for you. Intent Signals consumed my professional life over the past month. I spent my time coordinating with internal stakeholders, working on the communication, collaborating with customers, and creating TONS of content in support of Intent Signals. I’m the type of marketer that embraces change, but I’m not sure I can quite let this launch go to bed yet. 

We are momentum builders. I think the pre-launch and post-launch activities are in most cases more important than launch day. I haven’t always thought this way. It’s a symptom of becoming a modern day marketer and playing the long game. It’s less transactional and more about the longevity of whatever it is that you are promoting. 

I got struck by the responsibility of helping maintain momentum around Intent Signals just past lunch time on launch day. There were several other big projects waiting for me on the other side of this launch, but I didn’t want to hold me back. I defaulted to my comfort zone. I reflected on the launch process, plugged in my microphone, and hit record. 

My intention for dropping the episode this week was to help maintain momentum around Intent Signals, but also try to share my experience with anyone else who is going through the launch process. We’ve been building in public from the day we turned the lights on at The Juice. We've a culture of sharing. We want to share our experiences (both good and bad) with our audience. We believe sharing this type of transparency through content builds trust. If we can get great at building trust then all of the other things like member growth goals and revenue numbers start to fall into place. 

That’s why I am excited to share that the momentum building is just getting started. 

The best way that we know how to do this is through creating kick ass content and collaborating with some amazing brands along the way. We’ve built a product around content and believe that the data outputs can help your sales team get closer to the dream accounts that they are pursuing. 

I know we aren’t the only ones who are thinking about the many ways content and data can help enable your sales team to build trust and win more deals. 

That’s why we’ve decided to partner with Guru and Sales Assembly to host an event on August 24 at 1:00 PM EST that you will not want to miss. 

How to Align Your Sales and Marketing Team Around Modern Data 

If you haven’t been able to tell already we are big on content at The Juice. 

We write articles, drop podcast episodes, and send out a weekly newsletter to our audience. I wouldn’t be doing my job if I forgot to tell you that you can find it all on our brand page on The Juice. If you smash follow you’ll be notified any time we drop something new.

What about hosting a virtual event? 

Sure, we do that now, too!

I’m fired up to announce that we will be hosting, ‘How to Align Your Sales and Marketing Team Around Modern Data’ with Chad Trabucco, Director of Revenue Enablement at Guru and Alex Zikakis, VP of Enablement at Sales Assembly. 


Here’s the brief that we will be using to help promote the event: 

There’s more information available online about the people you are trying to reach than ever before. It goes well beyond the firmographic data that we can find with a quick Google search. Brands are pouring their thoughts, dreams, motivations, and desires into each piece they produce and sharing it with the world. In fact, in 2021, CMO’s invested $119 billion in content marketing according to a study by Forrester. That’s a whole lot of content and can be overwhelming for sales to navigate.  

The problem is there’s not enough time in the day to research content on their future customers the right way. 

Every great sales professional understands that researching and using content can create more effective prospecting but sales efficiency and productivity is dependent on how the organization curates, verifies and shares content across the sales process. Join us for a conversation on how to build a culture around content with sales and ways to make access easier. 

It’s undeniable that we are all on content overload.

There are so many blog posts, e-Books, how-to guides, podcast episodes, YouTube videos, that it’s so easy to get drowned in the noise. If we feel this way as marketers, how do you think our sales team feels?

This event is not going to be marketing telling sales what to do.

This event will not be sales telling marketing how to do it. 

This event will be all about enablement from a couple of experts who work at scaling brands. My role is going to be to facilitate the conversations, but you better believe that I am going to be sitting there alongside you trying to learn a thing or two. 

I’m working on how to structure this conversation to make sure anyone in a marketing, sales, or enablement role understands the fundamentals for building a culture around content for their brand. Telling stories internally where data is the focus will drive the right type of adoption. There will be plenty of stories coming from Chad and Alex on August 24th. Sign up today to hear from a couple of experts who can help you unlock gems and level up the way you work with sales. 

It’s about access. 

It’s about enablement. 

It’s about building momentum, right?

Don't sleep on your chance to be apart of the conversation on how to align your sales and marketing team around modern data. Register today

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