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How The Juice Uses The Juice and Other Channels For Content Distribution

Brett McGrath

November 9, 2022

How The Juice Uses The Juice and Other Channels For Content Distribution

The purpose of this article is to show you the power of content distribution in action. We’ve been able to drive 419 event registrants in the last 2 weeks for our upcoming event, “How to Run Laps Around Your Competition With Content Distribution”. It’s easy to go to Twitter, LinkedIn, or your next favorite channel to share hot takes about the latest, greatest, marketing trend. It’s another thing to actually walk through each step and show your audience the results. This piece of content is fuel for our content distribution engine and its intention is to get you to sign up to the event to learn more. 

We decided to curate a group of presenters and host a digital event around content distribution for two reasons: 

  1. The current B2B landscape: marketers are being asked to do more with less and we believe content distribution can be a strategy that educates, drives pipeline, and helps better align marketing and sales.
  2. The product: The Juice is a content curation platform and a distribution channel for B2B brands. Hosting an event on content distribution with the help of some of the brightest minds in the space helps to educate our audience on a topic that we want them to think more about. 

The role of the B2B marketer is more challenging today than it’s been in a long time. The current state of the economy isn’t just something we see on the news. We feel it every time we see our budgets cut, people transition out, and results lessen. It’s a tough time and we are all being asked to do more with less. 

It feels like the focus has shifted from building your brand to driving conversion overnight. We can feel the pressure from our boss and boss’ boss. It feels like we are all operating on skates just waiting for the next big wind to come through to knock us all down. It sucks, but what are we going to do? 

It’s easy to fall back on transactional tactics. 

I’m talking about the types of things we’d invest in 5 years ago because we got sent a CSV file of “leads” that helped us check a box. It didn’t matter that these “leads” wasted our sales team's time because the arrow on our lead dashboard was up and to the right. 

Vanity metrics only satisfy a short term feeling and the ripple effects can be costly. 

Most marketers are being asked to do more with less right now.

Instead of reverting back to the status quo there’s opportunity to create pipeline breakthroughs by experimenting with modern strategies like content distribution.  

Your competition probably isn’t doing it so now is the time to experiment.

Do you want to be cost efficient with how you create quality pipeline for your sales team? 

Start with content distribution. 

There’s not too many people who talk about content distribution more than Ross Simmonds. I took his advice here and am going to share how I created it once and am using this event to distribute forever. 

How The Juice Uses The Juice and Other Channels For Content Distribution

We all know content distribution should be happening on the social media channels where your future customers hang out. I am going to refrain from discussing organic distribution from Twitter and LinkedIn here. For this piece I am going to share some of the outside the box distribution techniques that have helped us grow registration for our upcoming event. 

🧃The Juice 

The Juice has been my most premium distribution channel since it’s entered my workflow. 

I can hear you now, “Of course he’s saying that. They pay him too!” 

I can understand the doubt and skepticism, but let me peel back the orange to share some perspective. The Juice is the home to over 7,000+ B2B marketing and sales professionals who use our platform to grow professionally. The profile of an individual who signs up to become a free member of The Juice (Not signed up yet? Join the party!) is content driven. There’s no other channel on my checklist that comes close to having the right people who have an appetite for the content that I am creating. 

What’s cool about The Juice is that once I distribute content it’s immediately available to every member of the platform. There’s no hoops to jump through or roadblocks to overcome. Members of The Juice have access to read, share, or save the piece. 

The magic happens when you begin to build your brand on the platform and gain a following. Customers of The Juice get the benefit of our team’s support making sure their page is getting in front of the right type of members. We play the role of B2B content and consumer matchmaker. 

As I draft this piece here are some current follower stats: 

Every time I distribute a new piece of content on The Juice it’s seen by nearly 1,600 members from quality brands looking for opportunities to attend digital events like the one we are hosting to help them level up in their role. 

Followers receive digest emails that include new content from all of the brands and creators that they follow. This is our way of helping enhance the member experience through curation while also giving brands access to quality placement. 

The Juice's Email Digest

If your content is premium and receives the right engagement then it has the opportunity to make our Top 5 list of the week. Top 5 is an additional opportunity for placement and recognition. It’s our way of highlighting the best from the latest piece of content distributed on The Juice.  

Top 5 Pieces of the Week

Punchline: The Juice offers the quality and accessibility that no other content distribution channel can match for B2B marketing and sales brands. 

Want to learn more about how your brand can use The Juice for content distribution? Talk to Kate

🧃The Blend (newsletters)

It seems like everyone has a newsletter these days. I think this is a really good thing and shows that there is a deep connection between the newsletter curator and the audience that she’s building. 

I always try to keep The Blend light. Typically, I pull from the past and use nostalgia to connect back to a point that I currently am thinking a lot about in B2B marketing. I always have something that I want to promote, but I try not to hit the readers over the head with it. 

In last week’s edition of The Blend I used the evolution of the music industry and distribution to put a spotlight on the opportunity with content distribution. There’s so much change with content distribution and still so much to learn. That’s why placing an event where the audience can learn more makes sense. 


There’s nothing better than a good content collaboration. I’ve been creating content with a new marketer every week for almost the last 2 years with Modern Day Marketer. The only thing better than building that relationship is benefitting from your guest’s content distribution capabilities. 

Hiba Amin is an amazing marketer to study online. She leverages communities, people, and social channels to build engagement for anything she is launching. (SPOILER ALERT!) She’s going to be talking about how she does this during the event.  

Getting your collaborators involved in the distribution and promotion is essential. Gaining access to someone else’s audience displays trust. The likelihood of someone registering for the event because they are curious about content distribution and really like Hiba goes up. 

Always make sure you are empowering your collaborators to distribute. It can take just one post from your collaborator to help you start a conversation with your next customer. 

There will be a ton more content distribution advice shared next week. If you haven’t already make sure you join us for “How to Run Laps Around Your Competition With Content Distribution”.

Distribution is the new way to get exposure. It’s time to jump on the train and start running laps around your competition. 

Not a member yet? Join The Juice and start learning from creators and brands who are pushing B2B forward. 🧃

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