How Modern Day Marketers Collaborate On Events

Brett McGrath

May 11, 2022

How Modern Day Marketers Collaborate On Events

Last November I wrote an article where I outlined the traits of the Modern Day Marketer. I was in the process of defining the hero in the story that we are telling at The Juice. I wanted to publish something that I could point back to when thinking about the types of marketers that were looking to serve through our content. 

I did not take putting these traits together lightly. It was a culmination of hundreds of conversations with marketers of the past year. I synthesized the notes. I pulled together themes and then I created the list. It’s served as my NorthStar as I try to navigate this modern day marketing world that we are transitioning to. 

The trait of modern day marketers that has gained the most traction since I’ve been back in the game has been collaboration. Let’s not confuse this with “co-marketing”. It’s probably a semantics thing, but “co-marketing” always reminds me of the old way. 

I associate “co-marketing” with the old way because it reminds me of the time when I used to partner with another company who has an audience that we wanted to tap into. That’s not the bad part. We all do this. The rub comes in when both parties are more concerned with the list at the end of the event more than the content that is being put together for the event. If we want “co-marketing” events to be successful then we need to collaborate with our partners and lead by adding value to the audience first. No one wants a phone call from a brand they are being introduced to for the first time after attending a webinar or live stream. Collaborators gain access to new eyeballs when building out winning content with their partners. It should be about nurturing this relationship by adding more value through content and not trying to push them to your demo. 

I got off a prep call for a webinar that I am participating in this week and it inspired me to revisit the topic of collaboration in this piece. The entire experience has been a masterclass in how we should work together to add value to our audiences. 

A Goldstar for Goldcast 

I got a note from Meisha Bochicchio who is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Goldcast a couple months ago asking me if I’d be interested in collaborating on a digital event opportunity with them and another partner (Casted). 

I read her note and immediately had fireworks going off in my brain.

Here’s why: 

  1. Goldcast is building a product that is the future of event marketing and they have a brand to support their claim 
  2. Goldcast has a history of creating kick ass, amazingly inspiring content (Have you checked out their CMO Diaries series yet?)
  3. Goldcast wants to talk about the Modern Day Marketer….no brainer!

I know Meisha is a modern day marketer. I know Goldcast is a modern day brand. 

This presents an amazing opportunity for collaboration to create kick ass content that is actually going to help someone and that is what I am in the business of doing. 

Interested to learn more about what we are building?

The Modern Day Marketer: Working Smarter, Not Harder, to Amplify Events 

I’m fired up to be collaborating with Meisha and Holly Pels from Casted on this one because I think there is a ton of opportunity to apply traits of the modern day marketers from the lens of promoting events. 

Nothing about participating and promoting this event has felt like the old way to me. 

We have had several touch points to focus on the content and not how many registrations that we are responsible for driving. That is progress and it happens when you collaborate with modern day marketers and brands who believe in the new way. 

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t present you with a reason why I think you should attend, right?

What happens after your events? Do you email registrants an on-demand link and move on to the next campaign? If so, we’ve got a totally new way of thinking for you. 

Events are a treasure trove of content, and Modern Event Marketers know how to spin a single event into weeks or even months of content. With a little dedication and planning, you can transform your entire event strategy into a content flywheel that amplifies your message far and wide. 

Block some time on your calendar and join us on May 18th, where we’ll introduce you to the concept of Modern Day Marketing and teach you how to re-think your event content strategy.

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