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How Lev and The Juice Partner Together to Improve Content Experiences and Brand Relationships

Kat Locascio

November 18, 2021

How Lev and The Juice Partner Together to Improve Content Experiences and Brand Relationships

A note from Kat, The Juice’s CSM:

Working with Bri and Holly at Lev has been such a wonderful experience, I look forward to hearing about the #LevLife and what’s new in their marketing department and company at large. We also spend at least the first ten minutes of every call getting caught up on what’s going on in their personal lives and to me that is so very special.

As their CSM I’ve learned that there is so much more to Salesforce than all of us could imagine, even when I’ve been a user for years. Lev’s content has taught me a lot about Ampscript, Einstein Analytics, Dataroma, and more. They make it digestible and easy to understand what often might seem daunting for the rest of us. Lev has been with The Juice since before our product launched as a Beta customer and they’ve provided wonderful feedback ensuring our platform was inclusive of marketing operations and digital marketers as those are both common job titles their team works with.

I am excited to share the below Customer Success Story which really tells you about how Lev and The Juice became content partners. 

More Than a Content Platform, a Content Partner

How Lev and The Juice Partner Together to Improve Content Experiences and Brand Relationships

About Lev

Lev, a Cognizant Company, is a marketing-focused digital consultancy that connects brands to their customers using Salesforce products and solutions. They weave strategy and expertise into every solution to level-up both customer engagement and drive marketing success. Lev helps brands put plans into action and get the most out of a team’s investment into Salesforce. 

Lev’s Ultraviolet Event

Amidst a changing environment last Spring, marketers were trying to figure out how to make virtual events impactful. Lev wanted an opportunity to engage current and potential customers to showcase their services, mission, and create valuable content. Lev decided to take on the challenge of attempting a completely virtual two-day conference for the first time ever. 

The event, Ultraviolet, aimed to shine light on the best marketing practices in the galaxy.  Combining top-notch technical skills with marketing strategies. 

Lev more than doubled their registration goal with 500+ people, had an 80% attendance rate, and had an amazing line up of 50+ speakers including keynotes by Angela Duckworth, Scott Dorsey, Desiree Rogers, and Martin Kihn.  

There was one problem. 

Lev recognized that this new event would create a lot of great content, but wondered,  “How do we extend the lifetime of our content beyond the two-day event for our attendees, speakers, and sponsors?”  

Squeezing a Creative Content Solution 

As a partner of The Juice, Lev and their team collaborated on how they could keep Ultraviolet going, even after the two-day event ended. While events aren’t core to The Juice’s Content Discovery Platform, the team recognized an opportunity.  We all know that events and content, even in a virtual world, can become a big part of a budget spent in a given quarter.  Lev was looking to extend the lifecycle of content giving more opportunities for engagements, website traffic, and sales conversations. 

Traditionally, Lev events were one-off content sessions and webinars, and the team would host the individual videos with the rest of their blog, podcast, and long-form content. With more than 30+ sessions to support, including descriptions, speaker details, and categorization, Ultraviolet presented a challenge on a much larger scale than Lev had confronted previously.

The Results 

The Juice’s solution was a post-event page for Ultraviolet. The page included all content pieces, links to follow all speakers, a showcase of sponsors, and three call-to-actions.  The event page had 300+ views and was accessed over a two week period after the event. 


This solution allowed us to provide a comprehensive post-event experience to all of our registrations - both those who attended sessions during the event and wanted to explore content they hadn't been able to attend live, and those who were unable to join during the two days but know the sessions would be valuable to their marketing efforts. - Holly Enneking, VP of Marketing at Lev

The Juice’s impact extends beyond Ultraviolet. As a  consultative content partner The Juice provides Lev with valuable insights on what content format their persona engages with and what they are searching for. In addition, they learn what brands are engaging with their content.  As Lev updates their content plan for future quarters and years, they’re able to build their content strategy based on real data from The Juice: 

The ability to act on real content intelligence will ensure that Lev’s entire content program continues to thrive into the future. 
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