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High Quality Content Meets a High Quality Audience

Kat Locascio

March 16, 2022

High Quality Content Meets a High Quality Audience

High Quality Content Meets a High Quality Audience

How Lexer and The Juice partnered to increase and improve Lexer’s referral traffic with more engaged readers

The right message in the right format at the right time. That’s the goal for marketers. Easy to say, much more difficult to accomplish. 

Brands spend an enormous amount of resources—both financial capital and human capital—creating content. Too often, they don’t spend enough time distributing that same content. Regardless of the effort that went into creating the content, it is placed on the brand’s website and the marketers are left hoping for the best. 

Lexer, the only CDXP (customer data and experience platform) built specifically for brands and retailers, and The Juice, a B2B Content Distribution platform, created content magic. They combined Lexer’s high quality content and The Juice’s high quality audience to increase and improve the referral traffic being sent to Lexer’s website. 

Lexer’s marketing team has the unique challenge of marketing to retail and e-commerce marketers. They publish high quality content on how CDXPs support customer acquisition, customer lifetime value, retention rates, customer insights, reporting, and customer satisfaction. However, capturing the attention of busy marketers is always a challenge. 

Lexer partnered with The Juice to find marketers where they are already at. With thousands of engaged marketing members, The Juice’s platform shares Lexer's content with its audience. These curated selections are based on each member’s unique profile—their role, job level, industry, and more.  

This means Lexer’s brand is introduced to a net new, relevant audience that otherwise would not have found their website.

The data proves this point. As The Juice’s platform directs its audience back to the brand’s website, Lexer found that the referral traffic was more engaged than their average website visitor. 

“Readers from The Juice actually spend time reading and engaging with the content we are publishing. These individuals coming to our website have longer session times and view more pages than our average website visitor."

Ashna Madni, Field Marketing Specialist at Lexer 

This means that the audience Lexer is writing content for is now engaging with their content. Even better, these members of The Juice may not have otherwise found Lexer’s website. That’s the content marketing magic of finding the right audience at the right time.

How can you increase and improve referral traffic to your content? 

  1. Claim your brand page on The Juice
  2. Track The Juice referral traffic for yourself! 

Take your content to a new audience.  Stop wasting dollars on iffy syndication platforms and lackluster campaigns. With an audience of engaged sales and marketing professionals, The Juice puts your content in front of the people who matter most to your business. Book a demo today

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