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Helping Shrink the Sea of B2B Content One Follow At a Time

Brett McGrath

August 16, 2022

Helping Shrink the Sea of B2B Content One Follow At a Time

I’m a football junkie. 

It’s a year round thing for me, but the addiction really kicks now. I’m here for Friday Night Lights, a Saturday slate of great College Football games, and don’t even get me started on NFL Sunday. It’s sacred in my house. 

I’m an Indianapolis Colts season ticket holder. I live a mile away from Lucas Oil Stadium and whenever I need a break during I walk to see the Peyton Manning statue. I was raised in football, I married my high school football coach's daughter, and still feel like I can learn something new about the game every time I watch it. 

My daughter's first visit to see Peyton's statue

My favorite part waiting for the season to kick off is consuming as much content as humanly possible. Whenever I’m on a run or walking my daughter up and down Virginia Avenue I’m listening to some sort of football podcast. I extend my relationship with football content to Twitter. I’ll smash follow on any member of the media that is covering my squad and I even make sure to turn those alerts on so I don’t miss a thing. 

Think I have a problem? 

Last week I was listening to a podcast on The Athletic and I learned that they had just hired a new writer to cover the Colts. Without even thinking twice about it I pulled up the ‘ole Twitter machine, searched for James Boyd, smashed follow, and turned on all notifications. 

My phone started to ping with alerts from training camp.

I was the first to know when James dropped his new article recapping the first preseason game in Buffalo. 

I was reminded from his page that there was a new podcast to consume before I put my daughter in her stroller for our daily walk. 

I didn’t know James from Adam until a few days ago. All of a sudden I am surrounded by content from James. He’s got a birds eye view of my favorite team and is using his platform to keep Indianapolis Colts fans like me informed. 

Was there a shift in the depth chart? I’m the first to know.

How about an injury? I’m the first to know. 

What about great player quotes after practice? I’m the first to know that, too. 

I don’t smash follow and turn on notifications for everyone who is reporting on the game of football. There’s way too much content being shared every second and I’d be on overload. I chose to get notified exclusively from the people who are sharing information about my favorite team. 

Following people and brands who produce content that are specific to our interests is how we shrink the massive sea of media that is coming at us every day. It might not be football for you, but it’s something. In that something there are people creating content regularly and it’s your decision to curate a customized experience that meets your needs. 

At The Juice, we’ve implemented the ability to follow brands and creators to help our members curate the right experience for their role. We help sales and marketing professionals grow by connecting them with modern resources from trusted brands. 

It’s a win / win scenario. Brands who use The Juice get access to smarter distribution (sending your content to the right people at the right time) and members save time digging through the abyss of B2B content that’s not relevant to their roles. 

We are taking plays from content experiences like the one I described with The Athletic every day. My job is to help bring awareness around them.

Do you work at a brand that creates content for sales and marketing professions? 

Here’s how you can start distributing your content in a smarter way with The Juice. 

Smarter Content Distribution with The Juice 

People want to follow brands and creators who can provide immediate value through their content. Since we turned on the follow functionality we have 2,000 members who follow at least 1 brand or creator on the platform. That’s one third of all members who receive real-time updates when a new piece of content is dropped. 

The Juice is 6,000+ members of sales and marketing professionals who come to the platform for:

Remember when G2 came on to the scene and we were all sitting there wondering if we should create a listing for our product in the right category section?

It seems ridiculous to even think that was a question back then. Today, checking the feedback and reviews on G2 is a routine part of the software buying process. Your brand gets eyes for consideration by just being on the platform for free.

You know where this is going, right? 

Think about The Juice in a similar way, but for your content. 

The first step to building better brand awareness for your content is to claim your page on The Juice. 

Already a member? Search for your brand on The Juice and smash, “Claim this page” to begin the process. 

Not a member?. It’s free to join and you can sign up right here. You’ll go through the claim brand experience during onboarding. 

Once you claim your brand page you’ll get a verified profile, customizable brand page, and temporary placement on the homepage. Your placement on The Juice will get you in front of the right people who can start following your brand page 

Claiming your brand page is the first step to getting in the game on The Juice. 

Also, that’s a trigger for us to notify you what’s possible for your brand and content on The Juice. We can share more information on how you can access:

MarketMuse partners with The Juice for content distribution with no extra lift - they are getting their content in front of the right audience on a daily basis and it shows. 

MarketMuse's Brand Page on The Juice

They’ve built an audience of 575 members in a short period of time. Members who are a good fit not only see MarketMuse’s content on The Juice, but followers are the first to be notified in their inbox when a new piece drops. 

Daily Digest sent to MarketMuse's followers

Smarter distribution with The Juice makes your content program feel less transactional and can be the start of the trust building process with your next customer. Your followers don’t want to waste time sifting through the noise. They rely on The Juice to find what they’re looking for faster and easier. 

We are all on content overload. It’s coming at us from every channel and angle imaginable. 

Is it all relevant to us? Not a chance.

Your next customer is curating content to fit their needs in their personal life. It’s only a matter of time that they start curating content in their professional life. We’ve built an on ramp for your brand to be a part of that experience.

Jump out of the content hamster wheel and join The Juice today. 🧃

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