Growing an audience without gated content

Brett McGrath

August 3, 2021

Growing an audience without gated content

The best way that I've been able to grow my network in my role is to get referrals to other content marketers from people that I am working with. It's like following a trail of modern day marketers as one baton gets passed to the next. When I jumped on my first Zoom call with Hiba I knew right away that she was a modern day marketer that was spending her days not trying to game the system or do marketing things for her KPIs. She was 100% focused on providing value to her audience and giving them access to everything. She's grown an email subscriber list from nothing to something and she just helped launch a new brand for her company. Hiba Amin is a modern day marketer fights that status quo and one that I've learned from. Oh yeah, we recorded a podcast back in April. You can check it out here.

Growing an audience without gated content

Hiba Amin

Senior Marketing Manager, Hypercontext

Having worked at companies that have targeted enterprise accounts, my marketing tactics were so focused on building gated assets that captured emails. Those emails were then sent to sales reps to start contacting those "leads". But, for so many businesses, this is such a broken model. Why hide the content you've created behind a wall to gather information from people who are very much not ready to buy yet. Your eBook on the top 100 stats in your industry doesn't mean that person is ready to be sold your software... They just want to look at some stats.

Joining a Product-Led company has flipped my marketing mindset on its head. We let users try our Pro features without any commitment or contact from the team. We share what we have to offer and give our end users the power to make the decisions they want to make when they're ready to make them. The same goes for our content. We don't gate anything at Hypercontext. Is that radical? Probably. But it works for us. We're still growing every single week and we're not bombarding prospects and customers with sales touches and conversion-focused drip campaigns that they're not ready to be in. We present all that we have to offer and let our customers decide.

There's a free marketing library for major features like our in-app agenda templates and goal examples. Product images are everywhere on the website. We put our best foot forward because we know that's the information our customers need to make the right decisions for them.

This leads to people self-qualifying, signing up, and upgrading on the platform. It also means that we're wasting less time and resources, like support, on people who don't fit within our ICP. Win-win.

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