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Every new platform is just another business taking a slice of Google Search

Brett McGrath

July 13, 2021

Every new platform is just another business taking a slice of Google Search

When the internet and search engines were new-ish, we were accustomed to starting most searches on Google.

You want answers? Google it.

You want to buy new shoes online? Google it. 

You want to learn more about ppc marketing? Google it.

You want pictures of unexpected cute animal friendships? Google it.

You want to learn how to draw a landscape? Google it.

We started all of our searches on Google or another generic search engine. (Ask Jeeves, anyone?)

Even if Google Search led you elsewhere on the internet you started the search with Google.

That’s not true anymore. 

At some point, entrepreneurs started questioning if there was a better solution for specific types of searches. 

Specialized platforms started emerging. They took slices of the Search ecosystem and made platforms to address those slices more intently.

Now, we go directly to Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to find people.

We go directly to Amazon, Etsy, or eBay for product searches.

We go directly to Spotify, Netflix, YouTube, etc for entertainment searches.

We no longer start every search on Google because ultimately, a search engine that is built for every search can’t possibly be the best solution for every kind of search. 

Google has managed to hold onto a few categories of searches with little to no competition from other platforms. (This probably isn’t a full list - just the ones that come to mind.)

Why do we still start most of our business content searches on Google?

We know that marketing and sales professionals are looking for better solutions than Google Search for finding relevant, helpful content for their role.

We’ve surveyed a lot of our waitlist members (you can join the waitlist here!) and found that marketing and sales professionals use a hodge-podge of solutions to search for relevant content for their roles including:

But ultimately, there isn’t a SINGLE platform for business content.

And that’s why we are building The Juice. That’s our slice.

As marketing and sales professionals ourselves, we DESPERATELY want The Juice. 

We want a single platform for B2B content.

And we do NOT want to fill out forms and give up our contact info before we’re ready.

We launch our beta of The Juice this summer and we’d love to have you be one of the first members. 

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