Content Distribution Live: Earning Content Opportunities Through Relationship Building

Brett McGrath

July 11, 2023

Content Distribution Live: Earning Content Opportunities Through Relationship Building

Punching above your weight class. 

It’s a theme that was burned into my brain from the very beginning of my career in B2B SaaS marketing. I can vividly remember being a part of several marketing team stand ups where the concept of “playing big” or “punching above your weight class” was reiterated over and over and over again. The message was focused on building the right relationships and nurturing those relationships to elevate the brand. 

Then several years later I heard former HubSpot, CMO Mike Volpe discuss the “movement aura” that the message from those early marketing stand ups really started to resonate. For HubSpot their movement was inbound marketing. It was a fresh way to package up all the things digital marketers were doing at that time to get people to their websites and win new business. The more HubSpot beat the drum of the movement the more it worked. HubSpot was able to gain the marketers attention not only through their own efforts, but also through collaboration with much bigger and established brands. HubSpot began partnering with mega brands like Twitter and Facebook through collaborations like webinars. HubSpot grew their audience, partnerships, and customers by punching up a weight class and the rest is history. 

I’m fascinated with the  “punching up a weight class” concept. It’s a strategy that we’ve been using since day 1 at The Juice (Want access to the largest library of B2B marketing and sales content? Join The Juice…it’s free!). We developed Modern Day Marketer and have been collaborating with brands who we not only want to extend our message to their audience, but would also love as customers ever since. It’s all about standing for something and building relationships with brands who share a similar ethos. In collaboration with some marketing friends I thought this idea might make for a great episode of Content Distribution Live.  

On July 20 at 1 pm EST we’ll be hosting Content Distribution Live Episode 3 with Mariya Delano, Founder at Kalyna Marketing and Derek Flint, Marketing Manager at Ten Speed to explore earning content distribution opportunities through relationship building. Mariya and Derek are both passionate about this topic and have done an awesome job of elevating their personal brands. I’m excited to dig in and learn from them.

Some of the questions that we’ll explore:

🧃How to identify and prioritize strategy relationships for the purposes of content distribution 

🧃How to nurture those relationships, build trust, and offer value especially when your platform is smaller than the brand you’re working with 

🧃What are some examples and results? 

If you’re thinking about building relationships through content distribution, just getting started, or even consider yourself an expert there will be value gained by registering for Content Distribution Live today. 🧃

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