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Building with Buccaneers

Brett McGrath

July 13, 2021

Building with Buccaneers

Last week, I was bashful about the conversation Brett and I had on our 3C Podcast: 

Having a pirate’s mentality and ruffling some feathers along the way

I could envision listeners and The Juice followers sarcastically thinking, “Oh how interesting, a young CEO references a Steve Jobs quote for inspiration.” *eye roll* 

In case you haven’t listened to the episode, it was a conversation that stemmed from an article that the team drew inspiration from and references the famous Steve Jobs quote: 

“It’s better to be a pirate than join the navy.” 

The quote, meant for developers, was to inspire moving fast, being unencumbered by bureaucracy and politics. It was about being courageous. Audacious. The balance of risk vs. reward. 

Instead of unlocking a CEO buzzword achievement, I’ve received more positive feedback from that conversation than any other episode to-date. More specifically, listeners have shared that they enjoyed the quote I shared at the end of the episode. It was a quote by a different CEO: 

“Oh my God, when you’re a startup founder, it’s all pirates. Who joins a startup? Crazy people, because startups are so risky. They’ve got a chip on their shoulder. They’ve got something to prove. They don’t want rules. They want to do everything.” 

That’s from Ben Chestnut, Co-Founder and CEO of MailChimp, another one of my favorite brands. 

Well, The Juice is looking for more pirates. More crazy people. More people with a chip on their shoulder. Pirates who want to prove that the old way of B2B Content Marketing is broken. People who want to make the rules instead of playing by the rules. 

Specifically, we’re looking for sales leaders and a product design leader. 

Account Executives

Sr. Product Designer

We have a dream team. A group of people who are fully committed to changing the B2B Content Marketing landscape. A team that is making old-fashioned content experiences...walk the plank. And honestly, it’s resonating with our prospects and customers -- we have some of the best customers. 

We’ve been testing this messaging in the marketplace and it’s gone well. Has it ruffled some feathers? Likely. But that’s the life of a pirate. 

I’ve been captaining the ship and am lucky to be surrounded by some of the very best in the business -- a fleet of fellow “Juicers” and the High Alpha team. We’re ready to add to our fleet. 

We’ve learned a lot from Founder Sales but we’re ready to hand it off to a few trained professionals. Individuals who are excited to share our perspective and our product with potential customers and prospects. If you love the MarTech space and want to change the landscape of content marketing, we want to talk to you. 

We’ve been working with amazing product designers, building prototypes that inspire everyone we talk to. If you’re passionate about designing a product that is going to change how marketers market, we want to talk to you. 

If this early stage isn’t for you and you’re looking for a “Navy” opportunity, we respect that also. 

If you’re bored by the old, safe way, and are looking for a more audacious opportunity, well, that’s the pirate life for you. Let’s talk.  

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