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Better B2B Content. Better Experiences. The Time is Now.

Jonathan Gandolf

August 16, 2021

Better B2B Content. Better Experiences. The Time is Now.

"The time is now."

That was the message as Kristian Andersen and I sat around a firepit in June of 2020. 

We had discussed the vision for The Juice for three months.

The pain point was visceral and the vision big. Though there was a lot of uncertainty in the world around us, we couldn’t stop thinking about this challenge.

And so we agreed, “the time is now.” 

B2B marketing is changing. Or, at least, trying to change. For 10+ years, we’ve been running the same playbook. Capture someone’s information, pester them into submission, or wait until they block all of your brand’s communications. 

In that same timeframe, B2C technologies and consumer expectations have changed drastically. New technologies and new experiences mean everything is curated for us. From TV and Movies, to music and news, even to dating where you can curate other human beings into your life.

The same people who use these B2C technologies everyday are ready for a change in the B2B space and marketers are trying to move in that direction. But it’s not easy. There are years of habits to break, old technology to move away from, and a playbook that needs burned. 

There’s a tide of B2B marketers who want to help change the landscape. We partnered with 10 of them to respond to a simple prompt: Why does B2B marketing suck? And what are you doing to fix it? 

The responses were incredible. 

So, when I say, “Why Not Us?” Yes, I’m talking about The Juice team but I’m also talking about the community of B2B marketers that are ready to see and be the change. We admire B2C brands and it’s time to bring those experiences to the B2B experience. 

And “Why Not Now?”

In the last 18 months, events, trade shows, conferences, field marketing, and more have vanished. For so many marketers, this was an abrupt shift in go-to-market strategy...and budgets. As we all looked at our suite of strategies, there were only so many things left that we could do. Among them, Content Marketing. 

As we talked to 100 Marketers in the first 100 days of The Juice, we heard this repeatedly. Budget and attention that for too long had evaded content teams was now being shifted in big sums to those same efforts. 

We, content marketers, have your attention. We need an audience and we need a better way to share our hard work. 

Today, brands can get more Juice out of content marketing for the same squeeze.

The B2C experience that we all love and appreciate...it’s now available for B2B content

The last 12 months have been an incredible journey. All of the clichés about startups -- they’re real. Ups and downs, highs and lows, good times and bad. 

But now, our team has never had more conviction about the vision that we’re working toward. We have nearly 1,000 members signed up for our platform, and a group of customers that believe in our vision and are already benefiting from partnerting with The Juice. 

If you search for B2B Content to make a purchasing decision, advance your career, or conduct research, there’s now a better way

If you’re a B2B Marketer tired of going to the same channels and the same audience over and over again. 

If you want better data on how your content is performing, or if you want to make your marketing budget go further, there’s now a better way. 

We’re thrilled to be launching with High Alpha today. We’re proud of our platform and we have an incredible group of people who make up our team. So, why not us? Why not now? And why not you? 

But it’s about more than just us. This is an opportunity for all of B2B Marketing. It’s time for a new playbook and a new experience. It’s time to put B2B Marketing on The Juice. 

The time is now. 

If you enjoy what we are doing we’d love for you to do a couple things:

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