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Best of The Juice 2023 | Top Resources by Job Function

Alaina Ferree

December 6, 2023

Best of The Juice 2023 | Top Resources by Job Function

They’re here! Our annual Top Resources playlists!

Each year, we make playlists of the B2B content that performed best on The Juice, segmented by job functions e.g Sales Development, Growth Marketing, etc. 

Without further ado, here they are!



Brand Marketing

Content Marketing

Demand Generation

Digital Marketing

Field/Event Marketing

Growth Marketing

Marketing Operations

Paid Media

Product Marketing


Channel Sales

Enterprise Sales

SMB/Mid-Market Sales

Sales Development

Sales Enablement

Sales Operations

Revenue Operations

I noticed a few things when pulling the data for these lists:

People want brands to save them time. 

Yeah, it’d be nice if B2B brands were funny and entertaining, but at the end of the day, we’re all trying to get a job done and if a brand can help me do that job more efficiently, that’s enough to get my attention. 

How does this show up across the lists? 

1. Templates

2. Tons of AI content focused on saving time with prompts

Yeah…AI is still a theme and it’s not going away. 

Brands that are winning across the board are consistently visually appealing.

Let’s be honest, people have to actually NOTICE your content before they click into it. Design matters. 

For example, Sprout Social has an aesthetic, and people seem to love it. 

People want brands to answer their questions. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. People aren’t out here scrolling around looking for a 2,000 word thought leadership article. THEY WANT TO GET THEIR JOBS DONE WELL AND MOVE ON. “How to” articles are always a hit, and “how to” doesn’t mean it has to be the entry-level, lever-pulling kind of stuff. For example, How to Nurture Leads Who Aren’t Ready to Buy (Yet) - that’s a big question and there’s not one technical fix. Simple Strat did a great job on that one. 

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