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Authenticity Above All Else When Starting a B2B Marketing Company

Brett McGrath

July 13, 2021

Authenticity Above All Else When Starting a B2B Marketing Company

Part of my role on this team is to not only create meaningful content, but make sure that we are telling stories that help us build our brand in the early days.

I find podcasting to be an excellent way to achieve this.

I don’t view the end product as just podcast episodes. 

I view these conversations as an opportunity to create extended content that helps reinforce the point of view that we have on the market.

In the first episode that I had with Jonathan we made the point to set the stage for the show and our company by covering the following topics:

We live in a world where the ability to create content has surpassed our ability to effectively distribute and discover content. Content marketers struggle to reach the right audience at the right time with the right content. 

This is our point of view on the market and something that we are working towards solving. I am thinking strategically about not only the distribution of our work, but also maximizing it into as many pieces and across as many channels as possible.

If you are reading this and following our content in the early days you now have some insights on why we are doing a podcast.

There’s a lot of reasons, but let me boil it to a couple important points:

  1. It’s a platform that helps not only extend our point of view on the market, but also gives the opportunity for other amazing B2B marketers to share their stories and validate it
  2. It is the place where all of our content starts 

The next point that I want to unpack is authenticity as a business strategy.

The space that we are entering is extremely competitive and also highly commoditized.  

We are going to build a kick ass product that solves some big problems, but we want you to understand who we are and what we value before we push features down your throat.

We’ve decided that we can’t compromise our authenticity. 

It’s why we are showing our work and building in public.

It’s why we are being so aggressive on establishing our viewpoints on the market.

We don’t want to just be another B2B marketing or sales solution.

We want to be a company that stands for something and that is why we value the concept of authenticity above all else. 💯

We want to create opportunities for our audience to understand who we are as people as we share information about what we will solve for as a company.

The final topic that I want to touch on here is problems that exist in modern day B2B marketing. 

Now isn’t the time to go deep into the details of all of these issues, but like we said in the episode we’ve been guilty of many of them.

We will go deep and expose these shortcomings. 

We do want you to think about them and how it relates to the work that you are doing.

We’ve been raised in a B2B marketing world where it’s normal to spend more time feeding algorithms with content that is infested by keywords to gain ranking and less time feeding our audience with impactful content that serves them primarily.

Don’t even get me started with forms. 

These experiences are roadblocks to learning. 

Midway through authoring this post this Slack exchanged happened between us

Marketers in 2021 should be the primary facilitators of educating the market for which we serve. 

This means:

  1. Pumping the breaks on manipulative B2B tactics that pull your audience into a buying cycle
  2. Investing in serving your audience before serving your own KPI’s and new targets 

Like I mentioned before we are the first to admit that we have been guilty of running this play book before, but now view this company as an opportunity to break the cycle of some of the outdated B2B marketing tactics that cloud our purpose.

It’s always authenticity above everything else. That’s what you can expect from us. 💯

If you enjoy what we are doing we’d love for you to do a couple things::

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