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AI is trending? Now what?

Jonathan Gandolf

October 16, 2023

AI is trending? Now what?

“So, artificial intelligence?” 

When The Juice was fundraising last year, that was the most common “question” I received from investors—if you can even call it a question. 

At that time, ChatGPT had just erupted onto the scene and generative AI was the “new kid on the B2B block.” It was so new, we didn’t even know what to do with it…yet. 

So, that was the vague question I kept hearing. “This AI stuff sure is crazy, huh?” 

Even more recently, at Pavilion’s GTM23 event, almost every speaker said, “I can’t present without talking about artificial intelligence.” 

While it was always mentioned tongue-in-cheek, there is truth to that sentiment. 

We’re now almost a year into the hype cycle. ChatGPT has nearly 200 million (!!!) users and The Juice is starting to see serious trends in all things AI. 

According to our platform data from 15,000+ sales and marketing professionals, over the last 90 days, 25% of all content engagements have been driven by content related to Artificial Intelligence. 

While many marketers may be tired of talking about AI, consumers of content are still researching and learning what this new era means for them and their role. 

Fortunately, for those professionals, many brands have shifted from just talking about AI to helping their audience use AI. I’ve shared a few of my favorite pieces below:

And now, the great brands are going even deeper into helping marketers make the most of our new (artificial) friend. Goldcast is hosting an AI Summit on October 18th. They’re gathering speakers leaning into this trend and making the most of the opportunity. 

You’ll hear from experts on: 

Unfortunately, I know as soon as I hit publish on this blog post it will be out of date. The reality is that AI is evolving faster than any of us are able to follow. And the speed of evolution is only going to accelerate into the future. 

Fortunately, we can help you stay up-to-date on all things Artificial Intelligence. Follow the topic on The Juice to receive trending content from brands and creators who are experts in the space. 

And then we’ll all have an educated answer to the question…”So, artificial intelligence?” 

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