A Sneak Peek at Our Secret Sauce

Jonathan Gandolf

February 13, 2024

A Sneak Peek at Our Secret Sauce

2023 was a difficult year for marketers. The reality is that 2024 may not be any easier. The good news is we have a year of experience to lean on and a community of marketers who have been through it. 

[RSVP Now] Secret Sauce for 2024: Repurposing Content & Sanity Saving Tech

On Tuesday, February 20th, we will lean into both of those. Join three of the best marketers we know for a conversation on 2024 Survival, our secret sauce, and sanity-saving tech. 

We know your time is valuable so let’s make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into. 

First, look at this lineup of All-Stars: 

Lindsay Tjepkema is the Co-Founder and CEO of Casted. In her own words, “I've dedicated my career to the world of marketing. With each step of my journey, I've discovered the incredible power of human connections, innovative strategies, and the art of meaningful storytelling.”

Adam Patarino is the Co-Founder and CTO of Casted. In his own words, “I get excited when someone says, "Here. Solve this." Because to me, a new challenge is a perfect thing. One that allows me to think differently about old problems, creatively about new ones, and build great relationships along the way with teammates and clients.”

Mark Kilens is the CEO and Co-founder of TACK ⛵️, a media network and go-to-market firm helping businesses create, capture, and convert demand into revenue. TACK helps B2B organizations transform how they grow using its proprietary People-first GTM model and approach.

Personally, I’m excited to host this conversation with three leaders that I look up to. I’ll bring a blank notebook and lots of questions for this crew. 

The content itself will be a fireside chat where we discuss the professional (and a few personal) strategies for surviving and thriving in 2024. 

Here’s what you can expect the conversation to cover:

  1. Going into 2024, we keep hearing “do more with less,” 🙄 and how the “playbook is changing.” Okay, but what does that actually mean? What is real? What is hype? Is survival even the right mode to be in or is now the time to be opportunistic? 

  1. It wouldn’t be right to have this group gathered and not talk about what that means for the role of content in 2024. There are more formats, more channels, and more content than ever before. And with generative AI, it’s certainly not going to slow down any time soon. Is this a good thing? What should marketers be prepared for in 2024? 

  1. Teams are shrinking, budgets are tight, and stress is high. What are the technologies that we are all leaning into in this difficult environment? What helps us be productive and efficient professionally and what helps us save our sanity personally? 

  1. And of course, we’ll save time for your questions! 

We trust that you’ll leave the event with a few new strategies and a few new technologies to help you survive, stay sane, and thrive in 2024. We’ll see you there! 


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